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Posted on 05/02/2018

Carer of the Month – December 2017

Eulene Griffin and Jennifer Oosterhoff provided outstanding end of life care.

Congratulations to our winners of our Carers of the Month award for December – Eulene Griffin and Jennifer Oosterhoff.

They were nominated by Gemma, their Care Coordinator, for Carer of the month:

“My nomination for this month would be split between Eulene and Jennifer who were caring for Joan D. Sadly, Joan passed away late December and Eulene and Jennifer were, in my opinion, the best carers that could have been in place.

I can remember one day arriving at Joan’s to see Eulene sitting holding Joan’s hands with the bible reading to her with some lovely classical music in the background. Eulene then said to me this is where I should be.  Eulene is exceptional with end of life care, as is Jennifer. I feel that they made a great team with a balance that was needed at the time. Jennifer is a great decision maker and very assertive which I know was required at this time.  The family could not speak highly enough of Eulene and Jennifer. Often it is difficult with end of life care when families and carers feel out of their depth and are struggling to accept what is happening to their loved one.  I would like to thank Eulene and Jennifer for their hard work and dedication. Well done to you both.”

We would like to thank them personally for all of their hard work and dedication to our clients.