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Founded in Hertfordshire by Clare and Claudio. The ENA Care Group simply began to help a family friend return home to her husband from hospital. ENA began as a family run live in care provider and as we have grown, we have never lost sight of our family ethos.

Experienced Live In Care Provider

Providing care within someone’s own home presents many challenges. The knowledge and experience of a live in carer is imperative. In addition, the medical support they have whilst caring for someone and the support offered to the person receiving care are all vital in a good live in care service.

Our qualified care team each has extensive experience in healthcare professions. Our hand-picked carers and our on-call carers are highly trained too. All of this combined with our 24/7 fast response service shows why we have been a leading live in care provider since 1994.

The ENA Story

Edna developed juvenile arthritis in her teens, which made movement in her arms and legs gradually more difficult. In 1993, aged 63, Edna had an accident in her home slipping over in her bathroom, breaking her arm. In hospital, the nurses would often forget that Edna was unable to eat unassisted and Edna was regularly overlooked.

Over time, it began to become harder and harder to ensure that Edna was being properly cared for. Edna’s husband Ronnie, also arthritic in his legs, was unable to care for Edna alone. It became clear to Clare, a full time registered nurse that the health of her friend was deteriorating. Clare and Claudio decided to invite Edna to stay in their 2-bed flat with their 3 children. They took it upon themselves to look for a long-term solution to help Edna return home. Edna had become so frail during her stay in hospital. The day Edna discharged herself, she could easily be lifted from her bed to the car.

At the time, they couldn’t find a homecare company that provided trained live in carers. Those that claimed they did, were unable to provide staff who could assist with tasks such as mobility transfers. This left Edna and Ronnie relying on friends to help them wash, dress and leave the house. By this point, it was clear that other companies were unable to provide the standard of care that Edna needed. Edna asked Clare and Claudio to help find her capable carers. Clare and Claudio found 2 carers – Tony and Michel. Tony and Michel were trained to care for Edna and Ronnie and the European Nursing Agency (ENA), began.

"At I will always remember the time Edna lived with us. Our children would come home from school and climb up on Edna and Ronnie to show them what they had done that day. My fondest memory is of my 5-year old twin girls preparing Weetabix with honey and feeding Edna breakfast every morning."
- Clare Duran

“Can I take this opportunity to thank you and your company for providing my mother with an excellent care plan and in particular I would like to thank and congratulate Debbie on being a thoughly professional and friendly carer who is always willing to do a little extra when needed. Thank you again.”

— Mr R Hertfordshire

“I have had the same carer for 3 years and the carers I have during her breaks and annual leave are excellent.”

— Mrs E, Surrey

“My carer is genuine, friendly and a hard working, caring person. She’s not just my carer but my best friend.”

— Mr P, Bedfordshire

Why Choose Us?

Our Values

The story of Edna forms the foundation and core values of the ENA Care Group. ENA is still run by Clare, Claudio and their children today. It is because of Edna that the ENA Care group will endeavour to provide specialist care to those at home. Tony and Michel cared full time for both Edna and Ronnie at home for 13 years until Ronnie passed away in 2006 and Edna in 2009.

The Importance of Independence

Having worked alongside our Clients over the past 25 years, we understand the importance of living at home, no matter what life throws at us. Having a care assistant places the control of someone’s life directly into their hands and can help them stay in the comfort of their own home. Simple tasks of arranging to meet a friend or preparing the meal you would like to eat that evening, tasks that should not be thought of as exceptional requests can easily be met with our live in care service.

Handpicked Carers

The needs of each of our clients are unique to them and our experienced trainer can prepare our carers to support those with high medical needs. The capability of our staff and the care they can give to others is paramount.

We believe that the knowledge and experience of our carers can enable our clients to live the life they wish. In particular, when caring for vulnerable adults, our staff must be safe to work and so we don’t take recruiting our care staff lightly.

Our carers are trained to a high level in; personal care, medication and manual handling. Our carers can also assist with more Complex care needs such as; Suctioning, PEG feeding, Tracheostomy care, Catheter care and End of Life care.

Our carers must pass an external driving test to ensure a good standard and continually update their training. They also work alongside other healthcare professionals such as Physiotherapists, Occupational and Speech and Language Therapists to assist at home where possible.

"Our coordinator genuinely cares about us and wants to do their absolute best to ensure that we get the care we're entitled to. When we call our coordinator with a problem or a query, and when he visits us, he always makes time to listen. No problem is too big for him to handle. Not once have we been made to feel like a nuisance."

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