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What is spinal injury care?

A person living with a spinal injury may need a variety of additional help at home. Some of our clients with a spinal injury are active and social and need assistance getting in and out of their chair, driving to social or family events or help getting dressed. Others need specialist care that must be overseen by a registered nurse. Life after injury can be a challenging time, but having a one-to-one assistant can provide the professional support you need.

Our care assistants are trained to provide care that is bespoke to you. Each of our care assistants are trained to provide professional care and work alongside other medical professionals such as district nurses and physios to maintain rehabilitation at home. We have been providing specialist care such as manual handling, board transfers, PEG feeding, personal care and bowel care depending on the needs of each person. Carers who are trained to provide specialist care requirements are trained by our care team of registered nurses. Meaning you can benefit from the expertise of professional healthcare workers from your own home.

Why choose a spinal injury carer from ENA Care Group?

We have been providing specialist spinal care assistants since 1994. We believe that highly trained and professional spinal home care assistants are what make us stand out from the crowd.

We hold high expectations of our staff. All carers on our team must pass our training programme before being asked to join our team of care assistants.

Each of our spinal injury care assistants complete training that has been overseen and contributed to by our clients with spinal injuries.

Consequently our spinal injury carers are trained in manual handling, pressure sores and personal care, alongside a variety of essential spinal mobility requirements from transfer boards to hoists, ensuring your individual care needs are met.

As Bronze Members of the Spinal Injury Association (SIA), we work alongside the Association to ensure everyone affected by spinal cord injury has the right level of care and support when they come into contact with ENA.

Our specialist spinal home care assistants are assessed by an external driving company during their training to ensure a good standard and each carer undertakes thorough background checks.

As our spinal injury care assistants are employed by us, we cover holiday and sickness too, so you don’t need to worry about the legalities of employment.

Our spinal care assistants can commit to 6-12 weeks per placement if you prefer, enabling you to make plans months instead of weeks in advance.

We also offer a 24/7 fast response care service which is lead by experienced on-call care assistants who can step in at short notice should an emergency arise.

We are also corporate members of the Spinal Injury Association and hold events to support and fundraise for the SIA.

Meet our Team and our Carers:

To find out more about the costs of our specialist spinal injury care or for further information on how we can support you with care tailored to your individual needs, please just get in touch with our team, who will be more than happy to help you.