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What is live in care?

If you need support at home to enable you to live independently, you may choose to opt for live in care. An alternative to domiciliary care, live in care provides you with a carer who lives with you at home, supporting your day to day needs.

Whether you need help with tasks around the home, your mobility or medication, or you need complex care such as Tracheostomy care or PEG feeding, we can meet your individual needs, making your routine manageable and enabling you to stay living in your own familiar surroundings.

Why choose a live in carer from ENA Care Group?

We’ve been providing live in carers since 1994, so we understand exactly what is required of a live in carer. As one of the first companies to provide live in carers in the United Kingdom, we know how important it is to live independently at home and make your choices in life. With our extensive experience in providing care, you’ll notice the difference in the professional support we offer.

Fully flexible, live in care fits around you and your lifestyle. Our live in care service provides between 8 hours of care each day, spread across a 24-hour time frame, 7 days per week. If you need more than 8 hours of care in 24 hours, we’ll provide additional live in carers who can support you through the whole day, as well as overnight.

The majority of our head office care team are qualified healthcare professionals such as registered nurses, to support our clients and our carers. You can benefit from qualified medical and professional advice from the comfort of your own home.

We understand that inviting a carer to live in your home can seem daunting, but we’ll work with you to find the right carer for you, using our professional expertise and experience to support you through the whole process step by step.

To help us find the right carer for you, we’ll ask you questions including:

  • If your carer needs to have any specific experience or complex care experience
  • If you’d prefer your carer to be male or female, or you have no preference
  • If your carer must be able to drive
  • If you’d like your carer to share your interests

We’ll match you with a carer you feel comfortable with, who understands your routine, your needs and your choices in life.

How much does live in care cost?

The cost of a live in carer in the United Kingdom will depend on a number of factors, including how many hours in each day you need care and if you need care solely for yourself or as part of a couple.

A live in care service is often more cost effective than residential care, particularly for couples. The cost for our live in care service start from:

  • £1,000 per week for an individual
  • £1,200 per week for a couple

What are the benefits of live in care?

A live in carer provides continuous care and companionship when you need it, in your own home. You’ll remain independent, with your day to day decisions in your own hands – whether that’s meeting a friend or going to a medical appointment.

I hope that it is clear how life has improved for me since I had live in care. My confidence and manipulative skills have improved enormously. My long term regular carer deserves credit for this, she never takes over or offers to do things unless I ask her. For example, she would leave my make up a while before coming to put it away. While waiting I would try to put the lids back on, now I can do them all and put them back in the box with subsequent improvement in other manipulative tasks. In conclusion, thank you ENA and your carers, you have given me my life back.”

— Ms B, Hampshire

"I chose ENA as my care provider as their carers work for 3 months which not only gives me continuity of care but having a very busy lifestyle, lets me plan my life months, rather than days in advance"

"Since becoming an ENA client, I've become a much more confident person and have made some lasting friendships with my carers"

1Highly trained care assistants

We hold high expectations of our live in care staff which must be met before any carer joins our team. Every ENA carer must pass our rigorous recruitment process which incorporates an initial five-day induction with a focus on the Care Certificate Qualification – a level 2 Skills for Care qualification which is mandatory for all carers working in the industry.

We also offer additional training in areas for clients with an array of complex medical conditions such as Dementia and Parkinson’s, alongside complex care training including Bowel care, Tracheostomy care and PEG.

Our carers must pass an external driving test to ensure a good standard and continually update their training. They also work alongside other healthcare professionals such as Physiotherapists, Occupational and Speech and Language Therapists to assist at home where possible.

2Live In Carers who commit to 2-12 week placements

We ask our carers to commit to 2-12 week placements to enable continuity and to help you build a working relationship with your carer.

Our longer placements also help offer additional flexibility as you can plan weeks in advance with a carer who understands and has familiarised themselves with your routine and individual care needs.

3Guaranteed care cover

Our 24/7 fast response service means our qualified care team and experienced on-call carers can be called on at short notice, ensuring your care is covered, even should an emergency arise.

Our on-call carers are highly experienced carers who have worked with us for some time and with a variety of different individuals. Should something go amiss, we have a team of on-call carers who can step in at short notice to ensure your care is covered.

Find out more about how a carer could help you

Ready to discuss your care needs? For further information on how we can support you with live-in care or to discuss the costs of a live in carer, please just get in touch with our specialist team, who will be more than happy to help you.