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Funding your Care

Who is eligible for help from Health and Community Services within your Local Authority?

Many people are not always aware of the services available to them and the financial help they could receive to fund their live in care. Each local authority must review and consider every request for support from every individual so it is worth talking to your local adult social services or other health and community services in your area. Hertfordshire local authority here.

Healthcare Funding

NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC)

NHS continuing healthcare is funding by the NHS for individuals who have significant healthcare needs. If your primary need for care is a health need, than the full cost of care should be paid by the NHS. NHS Continuing Healthcare funding focuses on evaluating the individuals needs. It is not affected by their income or savings. Nor is the location of care a factor for receiving funding.

The CHC funding can be applied in any setting outside of hospital including your own home, care homes, or hospices. A nurse assessor or social worker will consider the individual’s needs across a range of 12 areas of need and score them on the basis of high – moderate – low/none. For example factors such as communication, mobility, medication/pain, and cognition.

It is important to understand assessments are not based on diagnosis, but completely on individual needs. This means you may be eligible without any formal diagnosis. To find navigate you to free health care please contact Compass Continuing Healthcare. Contact Number: 0121 227 8940

“Our care assistant was a godsend. She struck just the right note with Mum, remaining discreetly in the background until needed and providing gentle, considerate care. She always treated Mum with respect and dignity. This all meant so much to us.”

Self-Directed Support

Self directed support (SDS) is a scheme throughout local authorities nationwide that gives you, or the person you wish to be in charge, control over the money you may be entitled to from your local authority service. Also known as ‘personalisation’ or ‘personal budgets’.

It is well worth talking to your local social services and finding out the options that are more than likely to be available to you or your loved one.

Direct Payments

Direct payments are cash payments that your local County Council pay into your bank account if you are eligible for support. You can ask social services to give you the amount of money you are eligible for as a direct payment instead of providing you with a service.

This gives you the choice to arrange and pick your own care service offering more flexibility and control over whom you would like to provide your care. It can also go towards any financial costs that aid your care needs such as mobility equipment or amendments to your home.

Who can receive Direct Payments?

  • Disabled people over 16 years old.
  • Elderly People
  • Carers, including people with parental responsibility for a child or young carers who are over 16-years old.
  • A ‘suitable person’ on behalf of an adult who lacks the capacity to consent to direct payments themselves.
  • If you already receive social care services

To find out more, contact your local adult social services.

1Your money – finding out how much

The first thing to do is to find out if you can get money for your support – and how much. Talk to your local authority or local adult social services to arrange an assessment of your care needs.

Click here for Hertfordshire local authority.

2Making your support plan

The second thing is to make a plan about how you’ll use the money to get the life you want. This may include the cost of the care service you would like and equipment you might need. There are services within your local council that can help you plan the support you need with a personalised plan.

3Organising your money

Once your social worker has agreed on your plan you will get your personal budget. You can get the money yourself as a direct payment, you can choose someone to look after the money for you or you can do a bit of both. Your personal budget will place the control of your care needs firmly in your grasp. From here you can choose which care service you would like to provide your care. ENA would love for you to get in touch and join our family.

4Managing your Money

You will need to show your local authority where you are spending the money they provide to ensure that you are using the money on your care needs. Your local authority should talk you through each of these steps and show you how to manage your personal budget. You can find more detailed information for your care funding needs on AGE UK website.

For information on funding your live in care, contact us today