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Updates for Staff in relation to COVID-19 (Last Updated – 07/01/2021)

Beginning from 11th January, you will be able to begin completing a COVID-19 test weekly and have received 4-week’s worth of PCR Covid-19 test kits.

These test kits are to be used for yourself as Carers and will enable us to continue to run a safe service and protect both your and your client’s health.

Please see the test kit instructions here.

You can expect to receive your test kits by Saturday 9th January at the latest.

If you do not receive your test kits – please ensure you call your case manager without delay.

For out of hours support, please contact the – Emergency Number: 07769 695 363 or email – careteam@ena.co.uk.

We will publish further updates, however, in the meantime, if you have any concerns or questions, please contact the care team at careteam@ena.co.uk.

Signature - M.Miller MD

Mitch РManaging Director 

ENA Care Group

What do I need to do as a live-in carer?

So far, we have introduced a step of measures to minimize the risk to yourselves and our clients, ensuring that you are well equipped, confident, and informed to deal with the situation.


As a carer, you should have received an email providing access to two pieces of training, infection control, and hand hygiene. It is mandatory that you complete this refresher training to ensure you can minimize the risk to you and your client. You can access the training portal here.

Company Policy

We ask that all of our carers access the company policy system (QCS), which enables access to all of our company policies.

We ask kindly that you read our policies on:

To access the system, just click this link. You can log in using your email address and the password ‘ena123’. Please reset this to a password of your choice once you have logged in.

Traveling Abroad

The UK Government continues to advise against all but essential travel. There are travel corridors that enable travel without quarantine upon return to the UK. You can read the updated list of available travel countries by clicking here.

Prior to returning to the UK, you must fill in a travel-locator form, you can do so by clicking here.

Our company’s stance is that we would ideally like our existing carers to stay in placement with their client during this period of uncertainty, ensuring that all our carers and clients are safe and secure.

Based upon updated government advice on 2nd September 2020, live-in care professionals are UNABLE to self-isolate in our client’s home for the first 14-days of placement.

We ask that you, therefore, consider your travel plans abroad VERY CAREFULLY, as traveling abroad could render you unable to work for the first 14-days upon your return to the UK or mean that you incur additional costs for accommodation upon your return.

External Reading

We also strongly recommend you remain informed by looking at the guidance provided by the NHS and Government weekly where possible, you can access this information in the links provided below.

Useful Contacts

Kudzi Matanda RN: 07784 044 851 / kudzi@ena.co.uk
Nathan Eyre: 07432 744 565 / nathan@ena.co.uk
Gerard Santos: 07432 744 553 / gerard@ena.co.uk

Emergency Number: 07769 695 363 / careteam@ena.co.uk

Human Resources: hr@ena.co.uk 

Finance (Wage Queries): pay@ena.co.uk

Sonia Thacker (Head of Care): 07432 744 509 / sonia@ena.co.uk

Mitch Miller (Managing Director): 07399 463 848 / mitch@ena.co.uk

Useful Guidance

Coronavirus (COVID-19): the latest information and advice

ENA Company Policy on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

NHS Advice and Guidance on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

NHS Handwashing Guidance

ENA COVID-19 Testing Guidance

Useful Links

ENA PPE Guidance

ENA Training Portal

ENA Policy Login (QCS)

ENA Travel Declaration Form

UK Travel Corridor List

UK Contact Travel Locator Form